Sliding Window Problems

Understanding Sliding Window Problems Introduction Sliding window problems are a common type of algorithmic challenge that involve iterating over a data structure, typically an array or a list, using a “window” of fixed size.

Creating new aliases from the terminal

If you are in the terminal enough, creating aliases from the command line is a great way to save time and be more productive.

Make an alias to create and change into a new folder on the command line

Sick of typing $ cd someFolder and $ mkdir someFolder? If you live in the terminal enough, it gets annoying.

Introduction to Recursion

Recursion is a mind-bending topic. Once you make a few methods, you may start to wonder, ‘can I call this method from inside the method, Inception-style?

Comparing Objects in Java

The object class needs to implement the Comparable interface to be able to be compared and you need to write a custom compareTo() method inside so it knows which fields to compare on implements Comparable<type to compare>

Data Structures

Computers are all about data. How should we store the data that we have, especially inside our programs.

Hash Maps in Java

Another very useful data structure is called a HashMap. This is simply a collection of data that is stored in the format key: value, just like a dictionary.

Netrw Vim Nav Basics

Netrw is a built-in plugin in Vim that lets you explore filesystems and network protocols such as ssh, ftp, http, etc.

Queues in Java

A queue data structure works in a similar way to a real-life queue at a supermarket or bank.

Netlify Blog Notes

The blog lives on GitHub and Netlify. It instantly updates when I push changes to the master branch on GitHub Hopefully I won’t need to edit the settings for this too much more often, so it’s even more important I make a note of this somewhere.