Getting your CSS Changes from DevTools

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Chrome extension, DayWatch, lately.

g stands for something different every gRPC release

Here’s a funny thing I found: ‘g’ stands for something different every gRPC release

Y Combinator's Ideas for Future Tech

The startup incubator, Y Combinator released an interesting “Request for Startups” document where they have a list of some promising fields in which they’d like to invest in companies.

Control Access with the Proxy Pattern

The Proxy Pattern is a structural design pattern commonly used in object-oriented programming.

React and JSX on a single HTML page

Introduction As much as tools like create-react-app, Next.js, and Gatsby.js have streamlined React development, there are times when setting up an entire project feels like overkill – especially when you just want to test a small idea.

Voting for Ideas Not Politicians

We need to get rid of politicians - Elle Griffin

Basic Postgres Commands

PostgreSQL commands can be broadly divided into command-line tools and SQL commands or functions you’d use within the psql interface.

User Experience Mockup for Elections

Introduction The brief was to design an easy-to-use interface for a voting app.

Making a browser in JavaFX: Lessons learned

The project for this week was to build our own custom browser in JavaFX.

ObservableList in JavaFX

Here is example JavaFX application that demonstrates the use of an ObservableList.