Voting for Ideas Not Politicians

Mon, Jan 22, 2024 2-minute read

We need to get rid of politicians - Elle Griffin

The problem with politicians is that they are merely a figurehead. If they look like this, they will get this vote. If they say that, they will secure that vote. If they are into this thing, they will appeal to this group. If they are not into that thing, they will appeal to that group. If they stay neutral on this topic, they will be able to reach this larger group.

Add in the internet and the hyper publicity this person must undergo to get the vote, plus the money they must be able to raise to get the job: Our ideal politician must be reality-show-famous, but willing to pursue the agendas of the billionaires and companies who fund them once they are in office. The only person able to contend for the job is a famous, statistically votable method actor with dubious ethics.

So I have an alternative idea: what if we vote for a plan, not a person? In this case, a group of seven people put together an eight-year plan for the country, complete with a budget and a balance sheet and a plan for why it would be successful. The plan would illustrate exactly how much money the country would earn in tax dollars, and how it would use that money to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens and its country.

The country is now run like a company, with an approved budget and business plan, a C-suite of individuals putting it into action, and a cabinet of people helping them do it. If addendums need to be made along the way, the seven can come to a vote between them to determine which course of action will be most closely aligned with their goals, with the Supreme Court acting as a board of directors to ensure the best interest of the public and adherence to the Constitution.