Have a dedicated window in Chrome without new tabs

Wed, Aug 30, 2023 One-minute read

I am addicted to opening new tabs. I even created a browser extension to show me all my countdowns because I see that window so often. Often, however, I want to have a window open and not even let myself open new tabs inside it. Maybe it’s some instructions for an assignment that I don’t want to bury under dozens/hundreds of new tabs.

I found this method on StackOverflow that seems to do what I want. It even creates an icon from the site’s favicon so I can see it ion my task switcher window.

Application Shortcuts

Open your web app. On the main Chrome menu click More Tools and then Add to Desktop.

Check the `Open as window' checkbox.

You’ll get a shortcut on your desktop that will open in its own window.

If you click or CTRL+click links in this window, they will open as tabs in another Chrome window, or in an existing one if there is already a window open.