How English is Changing In Front Of Our Eyes

Tue, Aug 29, 2023 One-minute read

The structure of English in Miami is being changed by Spanish speakers. Very interesting.

From the New York Times. Two Languages Walk Into a Bar

Miami is highly bilingual; in some neighborhoods, 90 percent of households use Spanish daily. But more interesting, perhaps, are the ways in which many Spanish-English bilinguals use expressions in English that are modeled on Spanish. It’s as if they are sometimes speaking English “in Spanish.” This is true not only of those whose first language was Spanish, but of second- and third-generation bilinguals, too.

In this Miami English, for instance, you say “get down from the car” rather than “get out of it,” because this is how you would put it in Spanish: bajarse del carro. You “make” a party instead of “throwing” it for the same reason. (In Spanish, it’s hacer una fiesta.) And you get married “with” instead of “to” someone because in Spanish one says “casarse con” rather than “casarse a.”