Netlify Blog Notes

Thu, Jan 12, 2023 2-minute read

The blog lives on GitHub and Netlify. It instantly updates when I push changes to the master branch on GitHub

Hopefully I won’t need to edit the settings for this too much more often, so it’s even more important I make a note of this somewhere.

Name servers on Hover are set to the ones given by Netlify so I can used my custom domain here (all for free!).

Netlify takes care of the DNS records, although I can add more, like MX, at Netlify, if I want in the settings.

Files in post/ need to have a .md file extension or they just won’t show up. Netlify offers the option to have subdomains for different branches which is really nice. They also set up the LetsEncrypt security certificate for free and make it really easy.

I now have a brand, new logo from DALL-E! Pretty happy with what it came up with but maybe I can do a post about the different iterations.

To customize the theme’s CSS, you need to copy the folder structure in the the root. So, I had to make a new file at assets/css/style.css and then I could just put in the parts of the CSS I wanted to override. Here I have tried to match the header colors with the logo, with a little success.

:root {
  --bg-color: #fff;
  --secondary-bg-color: #eeeeee;
  --heading-color: #2a385b; // here